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Tournament Rules and Guidlines

Playing rules and final prep. 

All games will be played by USSSA rules, with the following additions/exceptions:


  1. All teams need to check-in 30 min prior to your first game.  You will receive your game balls at that time. 

  2. Only USSSA stamped game balls will be allowed.   You will receive 2 game balls at check-in that should last you thru, but if you lose them or need more you can purchase additional balls at the T-Shirt booth. 

  3. All players must be listed on the USSSA Online Roster.  If you have a Guest Player, she must also be listed on the online roster under "Guest Player"   

    (PENALTY - If a Player Protest is filed and a player is not on the online roster the team will forfeit. )


  4. USSSA National Rules will in effect for all games

  5. Protests will not be allowed in Pool Play games

  6. Home team will be the official scorekeeper in all tournament games.

  7. All pool games will be 60 min / finish batter -  Bracket Play is 7 innings or 70 min  / Championship Game is 7 inn or 80 min / IF Game is 3 innings

  8. Home Team will be determined by Coin Toss for all games  except Championship Game in which Undefeated team will be Home Team

  9. Pre-game conference between manager and umpires will take place prior to start of the game. No organized infield practice before the games. Teams may warm up beyond the baselines or in foul territory while infield is being prepared. No live batting practice is allowed on the playing field at any time.

  10. Time begins after the pre-game conference. Time limit could change in case of tournament interruptions. All teams should be prepared to start their game up to 15 minutes (8U should be ready to start when the previous game ends)  early in case we are ahead of schedule. (This will help the tournament keep on time.)

  11. FORMAT -- This event will be  2 Pool Play / Double Elimination 
    Bracket seeding will be based on USSSA Points 


  12. Head Coaches only may consult with the umpires.  All players, fans, sponsors and other coaches are to remain out of discussions unless requested.  No smoking or tobacco use on the field or in the dugout area.

  13.  Zero Tolerance policy -  Head Coaches are responsible for the actions of their fans.  If fans are being unruly and disrupt the game, they may be warned or ejected.  Ejected fans will be given 1 min to retreat to the parking area and if they refuse, the game will be forfeited.  Any fan that harasses the opposing teams players,  uses profanity or inciteful language will be immediately ejected.  

  14. In case of a rain-shortened tournament,  games can be deemed official after 2 ½ innings of play (with home team winning) or 30 minutes of elapsed game time.  if games are cancelled due to weather, there may be an adjustment in application of the tie-breaking procedures.

  15. Players may be asked to show the official USSSA stamp (thumb-print) to the home plate umpire prior to taking her place in the batter's box to hit. This process will take seconds and eliminate a pregame bat check for all participants as well as insure that all bats in use are meeting the current standards for fair play



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